How Will Big Data Continue to Evolve Throughout 2017

During 2017, consumers and merchants alike can expect to see their data production greatly increase. Larger and larger amounts of data are produced every single day, and this is proving beneficial from a number of viewpoints, especially in regards to artificial intelligence. What might come as a surprise, though, is that while investments in big data technology are increasing, fewer

Striim – Top 27 Predictions for 2017

According to Markets & Markets, the streaming analytics market is estimated to grow from USD 3.08 billion in 2016 to 13.7 billion by 2021. Businesses are quickly beginning to realize that they need real-time data integration and streaming analytics to gain deeper insights, secure their data and remain competitive. Within milliseconds of data being generated, companies can: Filter out irrelevant

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2017

IT becomes the data hero. It’s finally IT’s time to break the cycle and evolve from producer to enabler. IT is at the helm of the transformation to self-service analytics at scale. IT is providing the flexibility and agility the business needs to innovate all while balancing governance, data security, and compliance. And by empowering the organization to make data-driven