5 Things AI Is Better At Than You

Your mother was right: you are special. While each of us is a perfect little snowflake in our own right, that doesn’t necessarily mean we possess world-shaking skills. But back in the lab, data scientists are cranking out algorithms that exceed human capability on a regular basis. About a year ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted that artificial intelligence (AI)

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Imaging and Web Developers

In this special guest feature, Tom Setzer, Software Product Director at Accusoft, discusses how artificial intelligence will impact web developers, specifically relating to document management and imaging on the web. Tom joined Accusoft in 2006 as a project manager and is now the director of the SDK product group. His analysis of customer requirements and business data assists in the development

Demand, Salaries Grow for Data Scientists

 Big data continues to dominate the U.S. job market with data scientists again heading a list of the top 50 jobs in American during 2017. The employment site Glassdoor reported that data scientists are again the most sought after candidates followed by DevOps engineers and data technicians. The annual rankings weigh factors such as earning potential, job satisfaction and the