The 7 Biggest Data Trends to Watch in Finance for 2017

Big data has already heralded some massive changes in the world of finance, but new tech is pushing new trends for the industry. Anyone in the financial sector—and even common consumers—can benefit from recognizing them. Data Trends for Finance in 2017 Use these trends to direct your investments, your choices as a consumer, and your direction within the finance industry

Top 5 Reasons to Embed Analytics in Your Enterprise Apps

When is embedding analytics into your application the right option? What can it bring to my users? These are all legitimate questions for those who are less familiar with the benefits of embedded analytics and reporting. Here are some of the top reasons to embed analytics in your software applications. Context is King There are times when a traditional, enterprise-wide BI deployment does not

6 Key Capabilities an Embeddable Analytics Software Should Deliver

Business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data visualization software is becoming a key component of any organization looking to take more data-driven actions. The acquisition of a BI tool that allows for full control, visual exploration, preparation and transformation of data so that organizations can deliver it in the most actionable way is highly coveted. But companies aren’t just clamoring for

Flink Aims to Simplify Stream Processing

Apache Flink has emerged as a powerful framework for building real-time stream processing applications that has gained traction by some of the most progressive tech companies in the world, including at Netflix, Uber, and Alibaba. But with the latest version 1.2 release of Flink, the framework developers have delivered a new functions and API that offer a simpler path to

Welcome to the Open Analytics Era

The explosion in enterprise data is paving the way for expanding analytics strategies in business applications. The embedded analytics market is estimated to nearly double to 46 billion between 2016 and 2021, according to Markets and Markets. The same research firm also estimates the advanced analytics market will be worth close to 30 billion by 2019. Demand for ‘open analytics’

How Analytics Is Evolving Like the Medical Field

It used to be that a doctor was a doctor for the most part. Even a century ago, unless you lived in a large city, people likely had a town doctor who handled most every type of ailment and guided most any type of treatment. Given the limited medical knowledge and lack of sophisticated treatment options during this time, these

The Smart Data Lake Imperative

The seismic restructuring of data-driven practices triggered by the dawning of big data is best understood retrospectively. Suddenly, organizations were contending with myriad data structures, formats, and distributed, geographical data source locations in timeframes and quantities overwhelming the capacity of existing systems. Of equal importance was the ascendance of several supplementary technologies flourishing in the wake of the big data

Government Use of Big Data for Cybersecurity

The insideBIGDATA Guide to Data Analytics in Government provides an in-depth overview of the use of data analytics technology in the public sector. Focus is given to how data analytics is being used in the government setting with a number of high-profile use case examples, how the Internet-of-Things is taking a firm hold in helping government agencies collect and find

How Next-Gen Analytics Will Impact Customer Interactions

In 2000, Peter Lyman and Hal R. Varian carried out the first study of its kind, aiming to find out, in computer storage terms, how much original data was created globally in one year. They found that in 1999, the world produced about 1.5 exabytes (equating to 1.5 billion gigabytes) of unique information. Fast forward 18 years and we have