Differentiating between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

This article is part of a special insideHPC report that explores trends in machine learning and deep learning. The complete report, available here, covers how businesses are using machine learning and deep learning, differentiating between AI, machine learning and deep learning, what it takes to get started and more.  Download the full report here. With all the quickly evolving jargon in the industry today,

Musk’s Latest Startup Eyes Brain-Computer Links

Elon Musk, the auto and space entrepreneur and severe critic of artificial intelligence, is forming a new venture that reportedly will seek to develop an interface between the human brain and computers. The initial goal is aiding the disabled, but the visionary inventor reportedly views the AI startup as a way of forging non-verbal forms of communication while at the

2017 Is the Year of AI. Or Is It?

The media often likes to proclaim “The Year of This” or “The Year of That.” With the greater attention given to advancing capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it seemed like a no-brainer to declare 2017 “The Year of AI.” However, in the interest of truth and the pursuit of all things real, it appears we may have been

All Eyes On AI in 2017

 This might be the easiest 2017 prediction to make: Artificial intelligence will continue to generate big headlines and command a considerable share of the corporate pocketbook as companies look to bolster their products and services with more automated decision making and human-like qualities. As we start the New Year, one of the big trends that nearly everybody in the big

Deep Learning Developers Eye Fintech Apps

 With artificial intelligence all the rage these days, market trackers are attempting to gauge just where the technology is headed and which industry sectors will lead development for specific big data and other enterprise use cases. The latest attempt comes from Evans Data Corp. in the form of an AI and big data survey released on Wednesday (Jan. 11). The

The Future (of Data Products) Is Wide Open

The big data revolution has given us powerful new products that have an uncanny capability to anticipate our needs and desires. But according to Fast Forward Labs founder and CEO Hilary Mason, we’ve barely scratched on the potential of data products to change our lives. Two factors in particular, Mason says, will drive the creation of new data products that