Data science jobs in London

London is a great place for your next Big Data or Data Scientist Job

London is the famous center of financial and IT business, huge companies and corporation offices are located in London, so it’s the ideal environment for your Data career improvement, effective networking and skills sharpening. This is the why it became also the huge center of demand of IT and big data specialists and data scientists. Every year growing London market needs more and more Data scientists and Data Analysts. But do not forget that it also the very competitive environment with thousands of specialists fighting for the best places.   

Data Scientist and Data Specialists Salary in London and UK

Because of high demand for Data Scientists and other Data specialists in London and luck of the strong specialists, the salary market is quite overheated.  So the average salary for the Data Scientist in London and London area is about  £45,000. The national average Data Scientist salary in the UK is a bit lower £42,000.

How much does a Data Analyst make in London, UK? The average salary for a Data Analyst is about £30,000.

Top Data Jobs Categories in London