Data Scientist Jobs in Berlin

Berlin is a great place for your next Big Data or Data Scientist Job

Berlin, a city known for its techno churches, hedonism, and libidinous lifestyles, has also established itself as a Mecca for the ever-growing tech industry. Over the past 10 years, Berlin has developed into Europe’s leading technology cluster, with a strong competency in ad tech and programmatic marketing.

Berlin’s energetic startup scene is also attracting large companies including Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom AG, and Cisco Systems Inc. These tech giants are coming to the city to take advantage of a workforce skilled at e-commerce, digitalization, and 3D printing. The larger companies are also helping raise the profile of Berlin’s tech sector on the global stage. Not only does this mean there is a steady flow of expertise and funding coming to the capital, but  Berlin-based companies also understand and can, therefore, compete in virtually any market around the world.

Data Scientist and Data Specialists Salary in Berlin

Because of high demand for Data Scientists and other Data specialists in Berlin and luck of the strong specialists, the salary market is quite overheated.  So the average salary for the Data Scientist in Berlin €52,000.