Machine Learning

Machine learning jobs

Sometimes, ‘Machine Learning’ gets thrown into the same hat as ‘Data Analyst’ but there are some very important differences. Above all else, it is the end goal that differs because Data Analysts tell stories and provide actions looking ahead. Therefore, they look at models, charts, and visualization as human beings to advise other human beings on what can be done to improve in the future.

On the other hand, the final output for the work of Machine Learning Engineers is working software as opposed to other humans. Often, the audience for the presentations of findings will be software components without the intervention of humans. Of course, the end goal will still be to provide recommended actions but these decisions are for machines which then impacts exactly how a product or service will behave. For this reason, software engineering is vital for all Machine Learning Engineers and this is something you will see a little later.

The Role

In truth, the process itself can be compared to Data Mining because the idea is to find patterns in data. As we saw previously, it differs from this point forward though because the data isn’t being extracted for the understanding of humans. Instead, it is to improve their own understanding for the applicable program.

The needed skill set for Machine Learning Job

  • Firstly, a worker in this field needs to understand a wide array of algorithms and they also need a good understanding of programming languages; this can include Java, C++, Python, and R.
  • Secondly, the standard skills for this industry apply such as analytical skills, applied math, and problem-solving.
  • After this, we have also found that a significant amount of workers in this role have a curiosity beyond all others. If you held on to your curiosity we all once had as children, you could be the natural talent businesses are looking for.

Machine learning engineer Salary

This is the very popular question. Machine learning engineer salary depends on experience and what type of Machine learning engineer you are and for sure your company geographic location is. If we are talking about the United States — the average Machine learning engineer salary is about $134,432 per year.