Hadoop Developer

Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities

Over the years, Hadoop applications have grown in popularity and therefore a role has been created to match their demand. Essentially, a Hadoop Developer will code and program all applications just like a regular Software Developer. In fact, these two roles have core similarities but a Hadoop Developer is part of the Big Data domain. Today, we are going to take a look at the key responsibilities and skills required for success in the role.

Hadoop Developer role

With many responsibilities, all Hadoop Developers have slightly differing roles depending on the sector as some will be applicable where others aren’t. On the whole, there are some general tasks that all developers complete and they include:

  • Hadoop development and implementation.
  • Loading from disparate data sets.
  • Pre-processing using Hive and Pig.
  • Designing, building, installing, configuring and supporting Hadoop.
  • Translate complex functional and technical requirements into detailed design.
  • Perform analysis of vast data stores and uncover insights.
  • Maintain security and data privacy.
  • Create scalable and high-performance web services for data tracking.
  • High-speed querying.
  • Managing and deploying HBase.
  • Being a part of a POC effort to help build new Hadoop clusters.
  • Test prototypes and oversee handover to operational teams.
  • Propose best practices/standards.

Although difficult, being a Hadoop Developer can be incredibly rewarding and the opportunities to earn and progress are plenty. If you can do the above and more or are interested to learn, the Hadoop Developer career path will welcome you with open arms.

Hadoop Developer Salary

This is the very popular question. Hadoop Developer salary depends on experience and for sure your company geographic location is. If we are talking about the United States — the average Hadoop Developer salary is about $104,570 per year.