Data Scientist Jobs

Data Scientist job description

Although there are similarities between this role and that of a Data Analyst, there are some key differences. For a Data Scientist, they are more interested in complex problems in different areas such as algorithm development, data mining, data inference, and machine learning. Above all else, a Data Scientist needs to be able to explain how significant a piece of data may be. From here, it should be understood by anyone regardless of talent.

The Data Scientist’s role

Typically, a Data Analyst will work with historical data using statistical packages and SQL queries. For Data Scientists, they are more interested in the future so they need to adjust for future changes and make accurate predictions.  

The needed skill set for a Data Scientist

Successful data analytics rely on one being able to clean, integrate and transform the data. This is the crucial combination of skills all data scientists must possess, by combining a scientific background with computational and analytical skills.

The needed Data Scientist skill set is based on these main expertises:

  • Business strategy and analytics expertise
  • Mathematics
  • Distributed computing
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Storytelling and Data visualization
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning

Data Scientist Salary

For Data Scientists, there is an opportunity to earn more money as you progress in your career within the field. Furthermore, your location will also impact your earning potential but the average in the US falls at around $129,760 per year, whereas in the UK the average salary is about £35,643.