Data Engineer

Who is Data Engineer?

When it comes to the role of Data Engineer, there are often many misconceptions and the whole topic can get a little confusing. Primarily, the role involves preparing all data for its intended use whether that be operational or analytical. Although every business will have specifics for this role detailed, the typical jobs include bringing information together from various sources, cleansing the data, and then readying it for use.

For Big Data Engineers, this is slightly different because they deal with huge reservoirs of information. Initially, they will develop and construct the data before then testing the architecture and maintaining the databases. As soon as a pipeline between the pools of information and the business has been created, Data Scientists can pull relevant information whenever appropriate.

The Big Data Engineer role

To be successful in the role, a Data Engineer should have knowledge of the best engineering practices as well as various databases. For example, they will log and deal with any errors that occur while monitoring the system. Furthermore, they need to know how to scale up, how to address continuous integration, pipelines that are tolerant to human error, as well as the maintenance of the pipeline including cleansing and general organization.

The needed skill set for Data Engineer Jobs

To carry out their duties, data engineers can be expected to have skills in such programming languages as C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Scala and SQL. They also need a good understanding of extract, transform and load tools and REST-oriented APIs for creating and managing data integration jobs, and providing data analysts and business users with simplified access to prepared data sets.

Data Engineer Salary

If you are currently comparing salary options for different careers, you should know that Data Engineers earn just over $100,000 (on average in the United States). Of course, this can vary on experience and location but you will have opportunities to progress in this field and increase your earnings.