Data Architect

What is a Data Architect?

As the name suggests, this role is all about designing and creating the architecture for data within a business. After this, it should be deployed and managed in the best way possible. Ultimately, Data Architects look after the storage and consumption of all data and how it remains managed through IT systems and data entities. Additionally, they look after all applications involved in the process.

The Data Architect role

In recent years, this role has gained in importance and it follows the natural evolution within the industry from Data Analyst and even Database Designer. To start, the process will include blueprints for the management systems. For the Data Architect, they must also assess the position of the business as well as their capabilities. From here, a customized plan can be made for the best of the business.

The needed skill set for Data Architect

  • First and foremost, Data Architects need to be able to solve problems whenever they arise. Ultimately, this will require two key skills – logical thinking and analytical skills. With the former, they need to create logical patterns from code and data to then be analyzed. Also, blueprints need to be created from lots of information which require analysis.
  • For the whole operation to run smoothly, they should also have key communication skills because they are an important cog in the wheel – they should be connecting with Data Analysts, Database Administrators, and management.
  • Finally, the fact that even the smallest error can cause a mountain of issues means that attention to detail is critical especially with such complex databases.

From the above, you should see that this is a tricky role to fulfill. However, it can vary from one business to the next because one business could look for ninjas with the right techniques while others look for experts in other areas such as data administration, ETL tools, and SQL databases. As mentioned previously, there is a natural progression in the industry which means that Data Architects generally have extensive experience in other roles before then making the move upwards.

Data Architect Salary

This is the very popular question. Data Architect salary depends on experience and what type of Data Architect you are and for sure your company geographic location is. If we are talking about the United States — the average Data Architect salary is about $117,588 per year. The same position in the UK — the average salary of Data Architect is about £54,664.

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